How to Start an Email Marketing Agency

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Congratulations! You’re an entrepreneur looking to set out on your first business venture. I’m sure you’re already wondering… “Where do I even begin to start with building an email marketing agency?” Well, to be up front, the bottom. I’m not going to lie and tell you this was the easiest adventure I set out on, I mean truly… It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. Most people tell you to quit your day job and just jump for your dreams, but before you set foot on the trampoline of frustration, let me tell you what you can expect in the early stages and a secret that many people marketing online totally forget about that will turn your business around.

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Upfront Costs

Believe it or not, email marketing agencies do have startup costs as well as overhead costs. Below are some of the upfront costs you might incur from starting an email marketing agency.

Business Licenses

You may think the only cost of this easy startup company is the $200 to $500 business license. This cost will vary depending on if you use a service like Legal Zoom, which is very convenient since they handle setting up everything for you. You’ll be in for a surprise if you don’t use them, as some clerks at the courthouses won’t tell you of all your licenses that you need, which could cause problems in the future if you don’t consult with a professional. Some may even think this business type has no overhead.

Software Licenses

If you have any experience in the email marketing industry you know that there are software licenses you need that will set you above your competition. Lead Generation, Adobe Suite, Template Builders, and iStock to name a few. These add up to a $100 to $200 a month.


Unless you have the skillset to handle your Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Web Design, and Web Development by yourself… you’re either going to have to pay someone to handle those services for you or add additional costs for the necessary tools used for you to handle those duties yourself. This is a huge plus if you already have this expertise because you’ll also be able to stand out against other email marketing agencies simply by offering additional services. Would you go buy cereal from a grocery store and then get the milk at a gas station?

If you don’t have experience in SEO, please don’t think you can just write articles and rank high on search engines, it really isn’t that simple. You could accidentally target the right keywords and get lucky, but it’s better to use the proper tools, do keyword research, and build an article tailored toward those keywords. Even then, it takes Google a week or two to crawl your pages and they aren’t going to immediately put you at the top of the SERPs without gaining credible backlinks and having done some simple On-Page SEO.

How Much Do Agencies Charge for Email Marketing?

This varies from client to client, but it’s why you should get a head start and build out a pricing SOP. You don’t need to list every price on your website, and you shouldn’t in order to prevent the competition from undercutting you. Full time email marketers generally make about $35,000 with little to no experience. So, if you’re an agency that trains or has well versed email marketers and a client that wants email marketing full time, this should give you a general idea of where to start.

How to generate traffic to your email marketing agency

Generating traffic is the hardest part and honestly, that will come in time with the proper SEO procedure set in place tied together with Advertising will help you tremendously in the future. You’ll thank me later. There is one secret that no one really ever tells, and I’m not sure if it’s some nonspoken rule to not discuss it or if no one thinks of it.

So What’s the Secret?

Many experienced in online marketing are used to one thing always being there… The internet. What happens when it’s not? Think about it. You’re wanting to start a small business. More than likely you want to help small businesses because they too are just like you and they need help. What’s easier, paying hundreds of dollars to let your ad be seen by potential small businesses near you, or going to the local mom and pop shop and asking them if they need help with their marketing efforts? This is how I’ve landed many of my clients. In fact, 90% of them since the time of this writing. Guess what happens when you do a good job? They tell other businesses inside their network. Potential word-of-mouth clients are now curious about your services. Where do they go? Your marketing agency’s website. This in turn generates traffic, which in turn makes Google a bit more curious. It’s a long road to that path, but it gives you time to actually grow and not take more work than you can handle. You’ll know when you need to hire someone.

In Summary

Starting an email marketing agency is not as easy as it sounds. While low, there are several startup costs involved unless you have the experience and skillset required to establish a brand and generate traffic. Let me know in the comments below what else you’d like to know about my experience with building a marketing agency from the ground up.

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