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We all know picking a WordPress Theme is very difficult, because the “Popular” themes are not always so “Popular”. Some of the themes are just recently created or even some of the worst looking non responsive themes I have ever seen. So how did they get on the popular WordPress Theme directory? I don’t know. Maybe they do it by day and it has such a low install threshold that it is very easy to become popular. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking into the why, my time was spent looking for a solution to finding the actual most popular WordPress Themes. How did I do this? Quite simple actually. Well to some extent… I built a WordPress Themes Google Custom Search which as you can see when you search something such as Woocommerce the search will only display results from “wordpress.org/themes/”. As you may have noticed there is a sort filter of Stars and Rating. This allows you to capture the highest rated themes so that you can make the best decision towards your business. Now you may be saying, “You said I can sort WordPress Themes by Active Install Count!”

Yes you can, but it’s not as easy as choosing a dropdown box. You will need to type in the Google Custom Search “Installs: 100000..600000” without the quotation marks. This is a custom search within a custom search. Neat trick huh? This will allow you to find all themes that have installs between 100,000 and 600,000 Installs along with you being able to sort it by Stars. Note that 600,000 Installs is the highest install count I found, with that being the default WordPress Theme. You could narrow it down more by just searching the different install counts like Installs: 500000 and then you would have results for themes with 500,000 installs. Note that if Google is scarce on results, Google shows you the relevant results first then it will start to fill in lower install counts.

Most Installed Free Woocommerce Theme

Most installed free woocommerce theme OceanWP


OceanWP is the most installed Woocommerce Theme available on WordPress.org. Not only is OceanWP the most installed WooCommerce Theme available, but OceanWP is the highest rated Woocommerce Theme available on WordPress.org at 5 stars with 360 five star reviews and only 1 four star review, it is by far the most downloaded and highest rated Woocommerce Theme available on WordPress.org.

OceanWP is a clean responsive theme that can be matched to meet any and all of your needs. It’s lightweight and in our testing works with just about every plugin you need to have on a WordPress Installation. Plus! It’s not just meant for Woocommerce, OceanWP is also built for blogs, portfolios, and business websites. It even has built in SEO features! However we still recommend Yoast over any other SEO Theme or Plugin.

I found it pretty amazing that I could even edit the settings for tablet and mobile, most free themes do not have this option available, but it allows you to make sure that your website is looking fresh and modern. The theme even works with the most popular page building plugins such as Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and more! We found in our testing that we liked Elementor better with OceanWP.

OceanWP Demo

Most Installed Free WordPress Themes

Most installed free wordpress theme Sydney


Of course the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme that WordPress includes with it’s installation is the Most Installed theme at 600,000 Active Installs, but we are looking for something with a lot more to offer out of the box. This is where Sydney comes into play. At 200,000 Active Installs and a 5 star rating, Sydney is the best free theme available for WordPress.

Sydney packs a punch right out of the box with plenty of customization options like full color control, Google Fonts, layout control, logo and header image upload, full screen slider, sticky navigation, and even construction blocks to create an engaging experience for your front page.

Sydney Demo

Most installed free wordpress theme Customizr


Another great theme is Customizr. It’s great for those who aren’t experienced in changing a themes HTML or CSS, that want a great theme, with plug and play options, and little need for custom HTML and CSS code. At 100,000 Active Installs and 5 stars, and an active support forum, Customizr will get you to where you need to be.

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