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We have years of experience under our belt.

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Marketing Should Be Easy

We'll handle your marketing efforts to allow you more time to focus on the important tasks. Our team has experience in multiple fields to satisfy all of our clients needs.


We cater to a wide variety of companies and individuals.

Some of the services we offer

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not dead. From powerful automations to campaigns, we have seen increases in traffic and revenue by 25% or more. Dog Byte Marketing's experts are here to help.

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Social Media Marketing

Just because you have social media accounts for your business, doesn't mean you can set it and forget it. Running powerful campaigns to engage potential customers will help gain revenue and traffic for your business.

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YouTube Marketing

Discovering new ideas for improving your YouTube channel is important. Keeping an engaged audience can be a difficult endeavor, we can help with viewership data analysis, providing valuable feedback to help you keep active viewership, and more!

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Lead Capture

You can not have a successful marketing campaign if you have no one to market to. Over the years we have discovered the best CTA (Call to Actions) and campaigns to lead to your success.

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Paid Advertising

Sometimes organic traffic isn't enough. Our keyword analysts will help optimize existing or create new advertising campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, among other advertising platforms, for online or retail businesses.

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Weekly SEO Reports

SEO already doing outstanding, but want to see where you can fine tune your business? Our reports can pull keywords, top ranking pages, competition's data, and more!

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Search Engine Optimization

Word of mouth can be hard, and search engine optimization isn't any easier, but without it Google and other search engines won't show potential customers your beautifully designed website.

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Web Development

Functionality isn't always what we want out of the box. Our team of talented developers can help you create what you envision.

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Web Design

This isn't 2004 anymore. Your website can't look like something made in MySpace. Our talented designers can help you create a modern and easy to navigate website that is sure to impress your potential customers.

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Content Creative

Organic traffic is dependant on the content you provide to your visitors. If your SEO is only targeting a few pages, then you are missing out on key opportunities to pull in more visitors. Our content creators will craft well structured articles for your company.

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Our talented designers and photographers can take product pictures or create beautiful designs in Photoshop. Make your product or service the center of attention in your blog, emails, or website with Dog Byte Marketing!

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Video Production

Anyone can be a video editor these days, the tools are widely known and more affordable than they were 10 years ago, but who has the time to do all of that? When you are cranking out daily YouTube videos or product usage videos, editing is a time consuming and tedious process.

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