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More than likely you’ve stumbled across Dog Byte Marketing by driving past one of our billboards and thought it would be nice if your small business could afford a billboard. It’s actually not as expensive as you might think, and you can do it yourself, or have us manage it through one of our services. Billboards are one way to gather the attention of potential clients or customers, but it’s not the most optimal way. Google Ads or Facebook Ads are typically preferred due to the advantages of narrowing down your audience to fit the needs of your business.

Billboards are showing to everyone. Generally, the more that see it, the higher chance of someone interested in your business sees it and calls you or pulls up your website. This isn’t me necessarily telling you to jump ship and go straight for Google Ads or another advertising platform, but simply to do some research on what best suits your business needs. This takes time away from your busy schedule managing your business, which is one of the reasons we offer a Paid Advertising service. We even offer a free Marketing Audit Service to help guide you on your journey.

It takes time to research your keywords and optimize your campaigns to make sure you’re paying for what you need and not for keywords that don’t matter for your company. This means setting up keywords and phrases that should be blacklisted along with fine-tuning your target audiences. With billboards, it’s pay, and have it up to everyone. Generally, you would contact the billboard company, pay them an astronomical fee that most small businesses can’t afford, and they put it up. However, there is a new company taking the billboard marketplace online, and it’s called Blip Billboards.

I’m going to be upfront and let you know, that is a referral link, if you spend $25, we both get a $75 credit, you’re helping a small business and we’re helping you. So, what is Blip? Essentially, you are paying for a blip (7.5 to 10 seconds) of your ad being shown on their digital billboards. You also can pick and choose specific locations around your area or expand to different cities or states! You simply pick your locations, upload your design, select how you want your budget spent, and pick a campaign start and end date. After they approve your billboard it starts Blipping, it’s that easy. You pay for what you use.

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